‘They have to wear gym gear, despite their body shape’, Maira Khan’s comments on ‘paindus’

Actress Maira Khan is making rounds on the internet after sharing her views on ‘paindus.’ The target of her snide comments were people who shift to Defence and then try to be ‘burgers.’

Khan in the video questioned why people think that Defence residents are ‘ultra burger.’ But still, they try to copy them to fit in. She said such individuals try to be ‘modern’ like them and go to the same gyms.

‘They have to wear gym gears despite their body shape’, the actress said. She also said that shifting to Defence won’t help them get rid of their ‘paindu-ism’ and they will remain paindu. The actress also mocked Desis calling them ‘neech.’

Moreover, she also mocked their accents and told them to learn how to pronounce ‘bowl’ first.

People are absolutely enraged over Maira’s insensitive comments. They believe she is devaluing Desis and mocking them.

Here’s what the public has to say:

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