Mahira Khan opens up about ‘victim-blaming’ culture in Pakistan

Mahira Khan opens up about 'victim-blaming' culture in Pakistan

Actress Mahira Khan recently shared her stance on the subject of ‘victim-blaming.’ With the cases of violence against women increasing day by day, many celebrities have used their platforms to raise awareness.

Mahira is quite vocal on such topics. The actress doesn’t shy away from speaking her mind. She opened up about the victim-blaming culture in Pakistan in a recent interview. She shed light on the topic and expressed how wrong it is on so many levels.

The superstar believes there is a need for a change of mindset. ‘The minute something like this happens everybody, even from the most educated households, starts asking questions like why was she out so late? Was he her boyfriend? Why was she there alone? These are the wrong questions to ask,’ Mahira said.

‘This needs to be ingrained in the mindsets of the generation after us, if not before,’ she added. The Bin Roye actress believes that the drama industry should play its role in actualizing the right questions because electronic media is one of the biggest sources of awareness. She said that belonging to the media industry, they themselves have a big role to play. ‘Schools should design programs that make children understand the right ways to deal with situations involving violence to avoid victim-blaming,’ Khan said.

The Humsafar star also shared her own experience from the movie Verna. She said she is often questioned about why a woman, who was raped, goes back into the room to find evidence and puts herself in danger. ‘People come to me and say, no one would do that,’ Mahira went on saying. ‘I question them oh really? You haven’t even seen one woman who would do that?’

‘Have you not heard of that model that Harvey Weinstein had raped and she went back to his hotel room to get evidence? There are women who are so angry that their body has been abused. They do go back and try their best to get the person behind the bars,’ she said.

Mahira Khan believes that dressing is not an excuse because even women in burqas are raped. Moreover, children and boys are also molested.

Last month, Mahira urged PM Imran Khan to get the domestic violence bill passed on her official Twitter account.

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