Mahira Khan uses Instagram to spread awareness about domestic abuse and sexual assault

Mahira Khan takes part in #Jointhechorus campaign to end domestic violence

Mahira Khan is using her Instagram to spread awareness about sexual violence and domestic abuse. The actress has joined the #JoinTheChorus campaign to spread awareness of sexual and domestic abuse.

The purpose of this campaign is to prevent domestic violence and abuse in 54 countries of the Commonwealth.

Mahira Khan’s message

The campaign is being led by the No More Foundation, the social impact company Gentle Forces, and the Commonwealth Secretariat.

Taking to her Instagram, the star shared a post in which she talked about domestic and sexual violence. She said that either we know someone who has experienced it or are survivors ourselves.

“The more we speak up, the more we break the silence surrounding domestic and sexual violence”, Khan wrote. She said that the culture of staying silent on the matter has long contributed to the increase in domestic violence.

#JoinTheChorus Campaign

#JoinTheChorus campaign aims to raise awareness about domestic violence

Its aim is to increase awareness about the ongoing violence against women and call for collective action. The campaign is being led by FKA tigs. Other notable personalities like Thandiwe Newton, Joselyn Dumas, Rose Byrne, and Mahira Khan are also participating.

This is a much-needed step, as globally 38% of women die at the hands of an intimate male partner. According to UNFPA, in Pakistan, 32% of women have experienced physical violence. 40% have gone through abuse at some point in their life.

These statistics do not disclose the actual numbers. This is because ‘one in two’ Pakistani women who experience violence, never tell it to anyone. The campaign is essential in raising awareness about domestic abuse. Not just in Pakistan, women across the globe go through abuse. The reason they put up with it is that they think they don’t have another choice.

It is important to start such initiatives. They educate women that it is okay to get help and leave a toxic, abusive situation.

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