Mahira Khan makes a comeback to Indian screens with the series ‘Yaar Julahay’

Mahira Khan was last seen on the Indian big screens alongside Shahrukh Khan four years ago. She is now all set to return to the Indian screens by featuring in the opening episode of Yaar Julahay.

Yaar Julahay is a Zee Theatre series that pays tribute to the known writers of the subcontinent. Zee Theatre took to Twitter to talk about the opening episode in which Mahira Khan can be seen reading Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi’s finest. ‘Guriya’ which is basically a story of two best friends.

The Indian platform describes Yaar Julahay as a treat for your eyes, ears, and mind. It further added that the series is ‘dramatic readings of pure delight’ in which there are scripts written by legendary writers. The series starts on the 15th of May on #TataSkyTheatre.

Other than Mahira, Pakistani actors such as Sarwat Gilani, Sarmad Khoosat, Fawad Khan, Nimra Bucha, Sania Saeed, Yasra Rizvi and more are also a part of the series.

Chief Creative Officer – Special Projects at Zee Network, Shailka Kejriwal revealed the details of the series saying that Yaar Julahay is the ‘immersive reading’ of a story that is unique and has the touch of the subcontinent that we live in. She further told that it was a delightful experience to work with Kanwal and Sarmad Khoosat because of their artistic and respectful approach towards a certain project.

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