Mahira Khan has finally found “the one”

Mahira Khan is a name that we all know and love. The Pakistani actress made her acting debut with the movie “Bol” in 2011 and has been a fan favourite ever since.

Prior to acting, Mahira was a VJ and hosted a very popular show “Most Wanted”. Since people knew her before her acting career ever began, her fans admire her for both, herself and her acting roles. This leads to people really wanting to know every detail of her life.

the real OGs remember this

Mahira got married at the age of 21, but after 8 years her marriage ended. She has a son from that marriage and she is raising him on her own, as a single mom.

Ever since, people have been linking her to various co-stars. Hundreds or rumours go around even if she’s just seen with a friend. But she’s never confirmed anything.

Until now

On an interview with HSY Mahira Khan finally revealed that she has finally found “the one”, Salim Karim. When asked about what she sees when she looks at Salim she said something beautiful

“When I look at him, I think that I must’ve done something to Please Allah, that he rewarded me with him. I feel like he’s a blessing in my life”

Mahira Khan

She added that not only does she feel this way about Salim but also her son, her family and everyone else she loves – if that’s not pure, beautiful love I don’t know what is.

What’s interesting though is how reluctant she was to talk about this. She even said at one point “I’m so scared, it’ll be everywhere”.

Usually, when women in Pakistan think of marrying for the second time they’re treated as though they’re doing something horribly wrong. For celebrities as big as Mahira Khan, this scrutiny is even worse. People love to dissect everything she does and turn it into something horrible. Because of this, celebrities end up having to go great lengths to hide their happiness. Do they not deserve to freely live their lives and bask in happiness just like the rest of us do?

Mahira’s fear of people ruining a really beautiful thing for her shows that even the strongest of people get bothered by the unnecessary input they get from people that easily hide behind their computer screens.

Mahira sums up this feeling by saying:

“I hope we can protect this”

This comes as a wake up call for all of us. Can’t we make an effort to do better? Instead of swarming a celebrity’s social media with unnecessary judgement when you hear something about them, can’t we be happy for them and wish them well instead? Why put energy into being negative and horrible to someone you don’t actually know? Does being mean ever end up doing any good overall?

Let’s do better. Especially in times like these, where everything around us is falling apart, the world needs all the good energy it can get.

Watch the full interview here:

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