‘He produces shows on false harassment claims by women’, Maheen Ghani criticizes Fahad Mustafa for Dunk

Ever since its release, the drama serial Dunk has been subject to a lot of criticism. The show is about a ‘manipulative accuser’, and a victim driven to suicide.

When talking about the plot, Fahad Mustafa said that it was a tribute to the ‘victims of fake sexual harassment allegations’. People gave him a lot of backlash on this, saying that the need of the hour is to make content that will raise awareness about the issue, not undermine it.

Recently, Designer Maheen Ghani has called out Mustafa for using his influential platform to create a drama about false claims in a country where violence against women is on a disturbing rise already and is definitely a key issue.

To her tweet, a user replied that the show is based on a real incident, so, why shouldn’t there be a drama about it. Maheen added that there are millions of women and girl who encounter harassment on a daily basis, and that is a real issue that needs to be highlighted.

We know how tough it is for women to open up about harassment complaints against men, and it’s even harder to take legal action against these culprits. Everyday, we come across news about women/girls/young kids getting raped and harassed. Such cases have seen a disturbing rise in the past few years, and the numbers are still climbing. Which is why, it is essential to make content that encourages women to come forward with their complaints. Need of the hour are drama serials that are focused around such huge issues.

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below.

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