List of the 5 best Turkish romantic series on Netflix

Turkish drama serials have gained immense popularity over the years. People from all around the world watch them and are a fan.

However, they have become quite a hit amongst Pakistanis. People love their culture and interesting storylines. For Turkish serial lovers, we have made a list of the best Turkish romantic series on Netflix. If you are a passionate romantic serial viewer, then you can not miss these.

1- Love Me As I Am

If you are looking for a drama that has a combination of romance with comedy then this is it. The story revolves around two young people from different backgrounds. The two fall in love and get married. However, they later discover how relationships aren’t all about perfection. They face ups and downs which is the basic story of the serial.

You will get obsessed with the characters of the drama. It is worth a watch.

2- The End

The End was the first Turkish drama to release on primetime. This is among the best Turkish romantic series on Netflix ever. The drama is different because it is a combination of tragedy, mystery, and romance. This serial is a psychological thriller.

The story is based on a woman who has everything. Her life seems to be flawless until one accident changes everything. This series will keep you hooked till the last episode.

3- 20 Minutes

The story shows Ali who is a teacher. His wife is falsely accused of the murder of a corrupt politician. The show tells the story of Ali doing everything to save his wife.

The series is inspired by a French movie named ‘Without Guilt.’ It is full of action, thrill, and romance – all in one.

4- Kurt Seyit ve Sura

This series is special not only because of its unique storyline but because it is based on true events. It is a journey of friendship, hope, and betrayal. The series tells the story of a Turkish sergeant who falls in love with a Russian woman.

The two risk everything to stay together and escape the revolution. It would surely be a treat to watch for people who are into dramas based on true stories.

5- Intersection

The story is about loss and love. It is one emotional rollercoaster. The lead character is Ali Karasu, a former race car driver who takes over his father’s business. He falls in love with a beautiful doctor who saves his friend’s life.

This drama is a balance between humor, intrigue, conflict, and romance. This series has it all, which is why it is among the best Turkish romantic series on Netflix.

List of the 5 best Turkish romantic series on Netflix

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