‘Let’s make sure your kids are safe,’ Shaniera Akram stresses the importance of seatbelts

'Let's make sure your kids are safe,' Shaniera Akram stresses the importance of seatbelts

Shaniera Akram is here with a reminder that seatbelts can save lives. The activist takes road safety very seriously and often talks about it.

Shaniera recently took to her Instagram where she posted a detailed note along with pictures of an accident. Akram took it upon herself to remind people how significant seatbelts are after she children in cars without a seatbelt.

The activist wrote, ‘You think this can’t happen? (Referring to the pictures).’ Akram questioned the public that who is responsible if the child gets into an accident just for not wearing a seatbelt. She wrote that she observed 70 cars in defence and 64 of them had ‘children in the car without belts.’

‘Why would anyone ever be stupid enough to risk their child’s life when traveling in a car if they didn’t have to?’ she questioned. She focused on how important it is to make your kids wear a seatbelt in the car to save them from any kind of accident. ‘Prevention is always better than cure,’ she stressed.

'Let's make sure your kids are safe,' Shaniera Akram stresses the importance of seatbelts

Last year, Shaniera Akram called out Ahsan Mohsin Ikram and Minal Khan. Akram reposted a video uploaded in which Khan was in a car without a seatbelt and her husband, who was himself driving the car, had his whole attention on Minal and not on the road.

Shaniera, who is vocal about many issues, couldn’t keep her calm. She schooled the couple for behaving immaturely. She addressed the couple and wrote that they have millions of followers and hence should act a ‘little responsibly.’ She also advised them to put on their seatbelt and to keep their eyes on the road if they want to avoid getting into accidents. ‘I’m sorry but the song won’t be as cute if she is singing it in the hospital,’ she concluded.

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