Kubra Khan or Maryam Nawaz: Who wore this Khaadi outfit better?

Kubra Khan and Maryam Nawaz were recently spotted wearing the same pink outfit. Fans can’t seem to pick who wore it better among the two.

Kubra donned the gorgeous dress with an orange and pink ombre dupatta. She was seen in the dress for her ongoing drama serial Hum Kahan K Sachay Thay. The politician on the other hand paired the dress up with the same shaded pink dupatta exuding grace and elegance as she usually does.

The Na Maloom Afrad actress has a massive following. Although she has done a handful of projects yet, she has still taken over the fans’ hearts with her talent. She is currently appearing in the drama Hum Kahan K Sachay Thay. Hum Kahan K Sachay Thay has garnered a lot of views. The drama stars some of the biggest actors in the industry including Mahira Khan which is one reason why it is gaining huge popularity. Usman Mukhtar is also playing one of the lead roles in the serial.

The internet is having heated discussions deciding who pulled off the outfit better. We believe that both of them oozed beauty in the minimalist Khaadi dress.

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below.

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