Kubra Khan body-shamed on her latest pictures

Kubra Khan, a well-known Pakistani actress, gained a lot of fame in a very short duration of time. She made her film debut back in 2014 and has done several dramas. She has starred in some of the most-watched and rated serials such as Sang-e-Mar Mar, Khuda Aur Mohabbat, Muqabil, Alif, and more.

While Kubra has garnered a lot of following in a small period, she is still made a target of criticism for many reasons including her accent.

Khan was recently invited as a guest on the popular game show ‘Jeeto Pakistan’ hosted by Fahad Mustafa. Pictures from the show went viral and the star was spotted in a deep blue dress. However, people can’t stop body-shaming Kubra. Unfortunately, shaming someone over the ‘weight’ they have gained and their bodies have become the new cool these days, and just this time it is the actress who is being targeted for it.

While many couldn’t stop pointing out Kubra’s dress, a vast majority couldn’t stop commenting on the actress’s weight.

Here’s what the public has to say:

Often, people forget that these stars and celebrities are also humans with sentiments. It is usually forgotten that the negative comments we give can create a very deep impact on someone’s mind.

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below.

  • Misbah Khan says:

    It’s ok sab fans ek jesy Nahi Hotey.. Or agar wakai koi Pasand karega to har haal main apko pasand karega.. so you were looking nice and graceful. ?

  • Chris mike says:

    It is here legal right to wear to be modest but morally if she wears a dress which creates harm earn disrespect to her then surely it is a matter she must think over it
    And let me tell other thing we our family our daughter sisters out women’s do wat h them in celebrity shows on social media if they wear morally unfitted unsuited sexually arousing dress the all other women’s young girls watch her start the same start wearing the same at the end of she shows nudity of her body parts in
    Smaller portion she is subjected to sexual abuse sexual exploitation the men can’t sexually exploit a women’s until she wills it

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