‘She doesn’t care about my past’, Saba Qamar’s husband-to-be responds to allegations

Actress Saba Qamar accepting Azeem Khan’s ‘proposal’ under an Instagram post of hers made rounds on the internet. Initially, some thought it was being done only for popularity however, fans rushed to show Saba and Azeem their support and love. The actress later on confirmed that she has found the person she would like to ‘settle down’ with.

After the news of Saba getting married to the Australia-based blogger went viral, a woman alleged Khan of harassment. In an open letter to the actress, the girl mentioned that Khan had destroyed lives of many women just for the sake of fame.

The girl further mentioned that Azeem acquired her posts from a closed, ALL-WOMEN group. He leaked her private content which she had created for a ‘female audience’ and publicly posted it on his account asking his followers to attack and bully her. She revealed that due to this act, rape and death threats were given to her. The woman, Ujala, urged Saba to ‘open her beautiful eyes’ and to be a ‘woman other women can be proud of.’

Saba Qamar’s fiance recently responded to these allegations with a video calling them a ‘lie’ and asking the girl to come through a ‘proper channel.’ He also mentioned that they ‘don’t care’ about what people say.

Here’s the video:

Qamar also responded to Azeem’s video telling him that she ‘trusts him.’

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  • Sara says:

    Intelligent n spontaneous as saba

  • Sara says:

    Intelligent ,spontaneous n soooper smart as saba?

  • Mustaqeem says:

    It should be her decision,not the of people.Plz what is going to happen,pray for this to be done properly!

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