WATCH | Juvaria Abbasi opens up about being a single mother in showbiz

Juvaria Abbasi is a prominent Pakistani actress, who breathes life into every character that she plays. She has done strong supporting roles, and has always impressed the audience with her skill and talent.

Recently, in an interview with a magazine, the actress opened up about what it is like to be a single mother working in showbiz. Abbasi talked about breaking stereotypes and raising a daughter on her own.

“Why does everyone say being a single mother is hard? It is such a fun and exciting this”, she said. She added that we live in a society where you are taught that you need a man to help raise a child, which is not true.
The star said that she is an actress and earns well, she lives in a good place and can give her daughter a great life.

“I don’t need a man”, she told the magazine. While talking about her child, she said she raised her well, and her daughter is beautiful, well educated and working.

“What else do you want in life?”, she said she knows how she raised her daughter, and this is the best she could have done.

Abbasi encouraged women, who have left an abusive relationship, to look on the bright side of things. She said that if you are separated from your spouse, then live your life.

“Allah has given you a chance to leave a toxic relationship and build one with yourself”, she preached.

She highlighted that having a relationship with yourself is really important, because life becomes easier when we begin to understand ourselves.

Watch the interview here:

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