WATCH | Juggun Kazim uploaded a wardrobe tour, and she has A LOT of clothes!

Juggun Kazim is a Pakistani-Canadian television host/actress and also YouTuber. She hasn’t only worked in Pakistan for the entertainment industry but in Canada as well. Juggun has been working in the industry ever since she was 4 years old.

Though Juggun is not appearing as frequently on the screen for dramas as she once did, she is a regular and active YouTube star, who uploads very often. From giving tours of her house and telling how she detailed it in the most exquisite way possible to giving her closet tour, the YouTuber makes sure that she gives new ideas to her viewers.

Juggun’s wardrobe tour

Juggun Kazim gave a tour of her wardrobe. She told the viewers how she has so many clothes that she needed multiple closets for that and still some clothes are packed in boxes. The first closet she showed was full of her shoes and designer bags. The second one was also stuffed with numerous shoes.

She had multiple closets filled with clothes in all tones such as neutrals or the basic colors and so much more. She had sorted out and assembled her clothes according to the various lengths, types, and colors that she had. She also had a completely separate wardrobe dedicated to her coats and jackets.

See the video for your own self here:

Juggun says that she collected all these things over the years and it is a necessity for someone who is in such an industry. Juggun Kazim sure has an extensive clothing collection.

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