Javeria Saud Production House takes ‘legal action’ against senior artist Salma Zafar

JJS Productions, a production house owned by Javeria and Saud, has been talk of the town for quite a few days now.

The controversy

Recently, a video of Salma Zafar went viral in which she accused JJS productions of ill-behavior and non-payment to numerous actors who have worked for them, including she herself. Salma talked about how the production house owes her around ‘1 crore’ rupees.

After Salma Zafar’s video, the model Sherry Shah also shared her displeasing experience with JJS productions.

Javeria’s response

Saud and Javeria have been facing criticism remarks for many days. Javeria recently broke her silence over the issue and announced that they have finally decided to take action against Salma. Javeria shared in an Instagram post that their lawyers have initiated ‘legal actions’ against the senior actress. She called her allegations ‘baseless’.

Javeria Saud said that strict actions will also be taken against people who have shared Salma’s video without any evidence and proof. She further thanked those who stood up for their support in such hard times. Lastly, she hopes that the ‘justice will prevail’.

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below.

  • Faiza kashif says:

    Kafan ki pockets nahi hoteen…or Haram khaya bachoon Kay aagay aata hay

  • Sabeeqa says:

    Hence the famous saying “aik tau chori ooper se seena zori” shameless people. May the duo thugs fall flat on their makrooh faces.

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