Here’s what Jannat Mirza has to say about TikTok controversies [VIDEO]

While TikTok has provided a platform for many to showcase their talent, it has also stirred up numerous controversies. News about people losing their lives while filming TikTok videos often go viral and due to these incidents and indecent content, the app has been banned from Pakistan numerous times.

So many are against TikTok, however, the famous TikTok star, Jannat Mirza believes there’s no reason for people to hate on the app. She believes that the platform is a source of earning for many individuals and many are making a living out of it. Not only this, but when questioned about the heart-wrenching news of people dying and the incidents that occur to people when they shoot the videos, Mirza said that she believes all of it is FAKE news. The star revealed that the app has certain SOPs that must be followed hence, she is of the point of view that the news and controversies about the app are just exaggerated. The TikToker further told that the ban on the app is unnecessary.

Here’s Jannat’s statement:

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  • Mac says:

    She is totally wrong, too busy in earning money, thus doesn’t know what is happening in the world. Here in Europe there have been several cases minors got killed by not making videos but following/imitating what was shown in TikTok videos. Obviously Jannat Mirza is too busy in her jannat and does know what happens in the world.

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