Jannat Mirza said Faisalabad got electricity because of her great grandfather, and the internet is in fits!

Jannat Mirza has become a household name, garnering more than 11 million followers on the video-sharing platform TikTok; she is Pakistan’s most-followed TikToker.

However, the star hasn’t been able to stay out of controversies as well. A clip from an interview of hers from back in January 2020 went viral and, she has once again made headlines. In the interview, she talked about a big ‘achievement‘ of her great grandfather.

“Faisalabad got electricity because of my great grandfather”, Mirza said.

She said that when the former President of Pakistan, Ayub Khan visited Faisalabad, her great grandfather held his hand. At that time, Faisalabad used to have only 8 hours of electricity.

“My great grandfather said to Ayub Khan that I will not let go of your hand until you supply electricity for 24 hours in Faisalabad. So, it is because of my great grandfather that Faisalabad now has electricity”, Jannat added.

This clip from her interview went viral, and the internet is in fits. The comment section is filled with hilarious comments, and people cannot get enough.

Here’s how people reacted:

Watch the full interview here:

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