WATCH | Iqra Aziz’s new vlog is all about exploring Hunza

The breathtaking beauty of Hunza should be witnessed by every Pakistani at least once in their lifetime and it seems like our power actress and star, Iqra Aziz has recently experienced it too.

Iqra Aziz and Yasir Hussain are one famous couple in the industry and often remain in the limelight. Aziz recently took to YouTube where on her official channel, she posted a travel vlog. Iqra and Yasir take their fans along with them to the scenic mountains of Hunza. The vlog with the name, ‘Main Aur Rakaposhi’ is basically a sequel of ‘Road Trip to Hunza’ which was the first-ever travel video that the actress has shared on her channel.

The vlog has adorable clips of the two enjoying the different beautiful sights of Hunza. The couple also dives into the culture of the valley. The vlog is super cute and would make you want to live through these moments yourself.

Watch the complete vlog here:

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