Iqra Aziz’s godh bharai dupatta had 100 special messages embroidered on it!

Pictures from Iqra Aziz’s godh bharai are making rounds on the internet. The pregnancy announcement was a surprise to many and the celebrity couple was given a lot of love and prayers when they disclosed the news to their fans and public.

Iqra’s godh bharai pictures were stunning. The star looked gorgeous and super happy in the clicks. However, one thing that made the actress’s outfit super exquisite was her dupatta. Aziz’s dupatta had 100 prayers and messages imprinted on it and the concept behind it was very well thought of and special.

Designer Fahad Hussayn, who designed Iqra’s clothes for the day, took to Instagram where he especially emphasized on how unordinary yet beautiful Aziz’s dupatta was. He congratulated the actress and told the public that Aziz came up with 100 prayers with the help of her husband and mother, to be embroidered on the dupatta. The designer himself added to the creativity by creating 100 different flowers around which each prayer was embellished.

The designer further revealed that Iqra wanted to pass this special dupatta to her daughter and if it was a son, then to his wife.

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