Iqra Aziz reveals the real reason why she chose Yasir Hussain as her life partner

Iqra and Yasir Hussain‘s first got the limelight when Yasir proposed to the actress during an award show, and ever since then, has been the topic of discussion on and off. Recently, the two got a lot of hate for displaying public affection towards one another. When asked, Yasir said that there is nothing wrong with showing love for your significant other, and he advised others to do the same.

Now, in an Instagram post, Iqra Aziz has revealed the real reason as to why she tied to knot with Hussain. After posting a video with her husband, Aziz told that Yasir always speaks the truth and respects everyone especially women. She further mentioned that after her mother and sister, Hussain gave her the confidence and fully supported her in achieving her goals and fulfilling her dreams.

Aziz poured her heart out in the post and said that her husband owns her in front of the world and respects her. He supports her and also helps her moreover, he prefers her happiness over his’ and she is thankful to the Almighty for blessing her with such a man.

Iqra’s fellow actresses expressed love for the couple and gave a lot of prayers to the two.

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