WATCH | Iman Ali’s old clip about her stance on feminism goes viral, and people are losing it!

Iman Ali, a super-model of her times, is not afraid to let her opinion known. She has been a part of the industry for a long time now, and her work is commendable.

The actress appeared on ‘Say it all with Iffat Omar’ previously, and a video clip from the interview is making rounds on the internet.

Iman, in the clip, is asked about her stance on feminism and what it is to her. The actress thinks that feminism is a way of celebrating womanhood and not about women trying to be like men. She believes that the true definition of feminism needs to be understood before judging it.

The model also explained that speaking against gender inequality in showbiz, where male actors are paid more than female actresses, despite playing an equally significant role, is not feminism but ‘actor-ism.’

People are disputed over the clip. While some believe that her definition of feminism was correct and gracefully walked through the whole concept, others find the terminology ‘actor-ism’ ‘weird’ and have issues with her opinion.

Here’s how the public reacted:

Many think that Iman Ali can’t relate to all of this, specifically ‘gender inequality in the media industry’, since she is from a privileged background. Her late father, Abid Ali, was one of the most celebrated actors ever in the industry, and her mother, Humera Ali, was also a famous singer.

Watch the full interview here:

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below.

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