Iffat Omar promises to get 10 people vaccinated for COVID-19 to make up for her mistake!

Iffat Omar faced a lot of criticism after she got the COVID-19 vaccination ‘out’ of turn by using her sources. After the backlash, Omar apologized to the public for her act. However, some people still couldn’t let go of it and called her out for using her privilege, when there are multiple people still struggling to get injected. Many were of the view that an apology wouldn’t do any good until or unless the actress does something practical and arranges vaccine for the elderly.

A social media user expressed his concern over the host getting vaccinated jumping the queue, while many senior citizens are still unable to get the dose. The user shared his story saying that his mother, who is 76 years old, is fighting cancer and still not vaccinated. He further added that there are many who can relate to him and while they have nothing personal with Omar, their anger is justified for this reason.

The host herself apologized to the individual and said that she will fix her mistake. She also informed that she will get 10 people vaccinated to make up for what she did.

The public is appreciating Iffat Omar for admitting her mistake, apologizing, and most importantly for getting people the dose to correct the wrong she did.

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below.

  • Dure Shahwar Zaidi says:

    Please add my name for COVID-19 vaccination. I’m elderly and a widow .

  • Eishah Aftab says:

    It has revealed her true personality…shows how honest she must have been throughout her life…

  • Anwar says:

    This is typical of famous and influential persons, first they do what they want, then feel sorry and say my mistake, my apology etc. Why cannot a person of her level behave properly to start with? Hypocrisy and nothing more. Anyone having resources like her can get few people vaccinated. We need to show respect for rules always.

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