Iffat Omar under fire for forcing Meera Jee to reveal her age on her show

Iffat Omar’s interview show has had many guests on it so far. She’s always conducted interviews in a very respectful manner and people had loved watching them. We’ve always wanted to see celebrities have a more candid conversation and Iffat has created a great show where we get to see exactly that.

Recently, Iffat posted a throwback video to her Instagram. The video was from an episode where Meera Jee was the guest on the show. The clip is from a segment where the guests either answer the question or as a dare, they have to eat a green chilli entirely. Sounds fun right?

It was fun until Iffat asks Meera how old she is. This is a topic that is pretty famous when it comes to Meera Jee because of a video that went viral of her dodging the question while mispronouncing “Google”. Since then we hear the “Googles” joke pop up every now and then.

Iffat said, “I’m going to be 48 this February, Ap merey se kitni choti gain?”
Meera was visibly uncomfortable and didn’t want to answer the question. As the format of the segment goes, any question can be skipped by simply eating the chilli. Meera goes to pick up a chilli where Iffat says to her in a mocking tone “Apko apni age he nahin pata?” followed by “I need a number!”


When people are going to be interviewed, there’s extensive research done about who they are and what would be the topics they’d be hesitant to talk about. For an interviewer to continually push for an answer to a question that was making her guest so uncomfortable was a little hard to watch.

People all over social media felt the same way:

It’s sad to see how the industry treats Meera Jee. She’s always been teased and mocked. Even though age is just a number and people shouldn’t need to hide it, it doesn’t mean that we get to ridicule some that choose to not share it with everyone.

It’s about time that the industry realises how they’ve treated Meera Jee this whole time. She’s made a name for herself because she’s worked hard. Anyone else in her place would be respected a lot more than she has been this whole time.

Everyone has the right to choose. They’re allowed to choose what they want to talk about and what they don’t. For Iffat Omar to push her guest so much has rubbed everyone the wrong way.

This should be a lesson. Sometimes we get so caught up in the fun of something that we forget to notice that we’re hurting someone. It’s important to stay aware and be mindful of how your words or actions affect people around you.

  • Afnan Rizwan says:

    Iffat herself looked 58
    I think she lied about her age

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