Iffat Omar and Ayesha Omar clap back at a troll over ‘ageist’ remarks

Many people find it amusing to make fun of celebrities and give them every sort of comment without fearing the consequences. Although many celebrities ignore such negative comments, some choose to respond and this time it is Iffat Omar who decided to clap back at a troll. Backing Iffat, Ayesha Omar also schooled the troll over his problematic comment.

Iffat posted a picture on Instagram in which she could be seen with veteran actresses including: Bushra Ansari, Saba Hameed, Samina Ahmed. Ayesha was also in the click. The picture was from Angeline Malik’s birthday. While many people poured a lot of love for the stars in the comments, a person commented ‘Shaitan Buddyan’ criticizing them over their ages.

Iffat replied saying that someone who no id and followers can’t utter shit like this. The Bulbulay actress also educated the person telling him that someone’s age shouldn’t be used as a ‘criticism’ as it is a natural human process to age. She also questioned the person if their parents aren’t old and does the person insult his parents/grandparents for their age too. She further asked the person to respect others if he/she wishes to receive the same in return.

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below.

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