‘If I was aware, I wouldn’t have let Zaid marry Yumnah due to age difference,’ Mama Zaid [VIDEO]

Zaid Ali T’s mother recently revealed what she thinks about the idea of men marrying women ‘older’ than them. Zaid’s mother shared her own perspective on the topic.

Zaid and Yumnah were unfortunately made a target of a lot of trolls ever since they got married. A vast majority had really insensitive things to say about Yumnah’s looks. However, the trolls didn’t just target her looks but to make it more pathetic, even criticized her for being older than the YouTuber.

In a recent video, Zaid decided to ask his mother and wife some controversial questions. Obviously, when it is about controversial questions, he wouldn’t have skipped this one which has been a common topic all along. The YouTuber asked his mother if she would’ve let Zaid marry Yumnah. ‘Knowing that she was 4 years older than me,’ he added into the question.

Zaid’s mother gave both the religious and society’s perspective on the topic. She said that religiously speaking, there’s nothing wrong with it. ‘Religiously it is fine and nothing is bad with it. However, according to our societal standards, a girl should be younger than a boy,’ she replied.

She further added that if it was upon her, she wouldn’t have let Zaid marry a girl older than him but would’ve wanted someone younger.

Upon this, Yumnah questioned why she wouldn’t say the same thing for Zaid’s brother’s wife, who is also older than her. That’s when Zaid’s mom explained how she thought her other daughter-in-law was only a year older than Zaid’s brother. However, they got to know later that their age gap was quite a bit.

Zaid and Yumnah got married back in 2017. They also have a baby together. Years after their marriage, Yumanh sadly still gets a lot of hate.

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  • Zubair Mushtaq says:

    Yumnah is beautiful. They make a beautiful couple. Saas bahu problems will never end.

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