‘I was scared of food,’ Mashal Khan opens up about her eating disorder

Mashal Khan recently opened up about her experience of an eating disorder. She explained how it impacted her life and body.

The Suno Chanda star recently appeared in an interview with a reputed media outlet. The actress shared her point of view on multiple topics. While talking about eating disorders, Khan told that she has experienced them too.

The actress said that she was bullied which is why she had body image issues. She also revealed that she didn’t eat anything for about 6-8 months. ‘I would take one bite and stop because I feared gaining weight,’ the actress added.

Talking further about how this practice impacted her body, she said that she went to hell and came back. ‘I was scared of food. So once I was going for a rowing competition, I completely blacked out,’ she said. Mashal told that she was standing and she fainted.

‘I wasn’t able to feel my body,’ she said further. The actress also admitted praying because she just wanted her life back and didn’t want to leave like this ‘It feels so strange now that I think about it, more like a dream,’ Mashal concluded.

The actress’s eating disorder was a consequence of the bullying she had faced over her body. This is sadly, very common now and many people go through things similar to Khan.

Mashal Khan

Mashal is a well-known actress with a good fan-following. She rose to fame after her role of Kinza in the famous Suno Chanda. Although the drama was her breakthrough performance, she has also been a part of many known other serials. Her most recent one includes the drama Parizad in which she played the character of Lubna.

Eating disorder

An eating disorder is basically a mental disorder. The disorder is defined by ‘abnormal eating habits’ which negatively influence not only a person’s physical but mental health as well. Eating disorders are of many types including anorexia nervosa, binge eating disorder and etc.

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