‘I was abused as a child,’ Ayesha Omar opens up about her traumatic childhood

'I was abused as a child,' Ayesha Omar opens up about her traumatic childhood

Celebrities might look all glam however, many have had gone through a lot. So many stars have bravely opened up about their traumas and how that has molded them into being different people. Among those celebrities is Bulbulay actress, Ayesha Omar too.

Ayesha has talked about her childhood on numerous platforms and in interviews. Omar recently appeared in an interview with a reputed media outlet. In the interview, she talked about her childhood hardships and what difficult times she went through as a kid.

She revealed that her father died at the age of 2. ‘My mother was a single parent so she had to face many challenges while raising us,’ she added. The actress also said that they were also financially unstable and she got her education on a merit scholarship. ‘I used to question why it has to happen to me only? Everyone else around me is living a perfect life,’ she said further.

Omar said that all of this left her traumatized as a child. ‘Nobody helped us. This trauma made me a stronger, better person. I wanted to be accepted the way I am,’ she said further. Talking about betrayal, Ayesha revealed how her friends left her when she needed them the most.

The actress then decided to be independent and to earn for herself. However, her journey wasn’t an easy one. ‘I was sexually abused when I started working and as a kid too. I didn’t get my payments on time because there was no one to back me up. It was disturbing,’ she concluded.

Ayesha in the same interview also focused on how important it is for parents to have a good bond with their children. The Bulbulay star believes that parents should build a level of comfort with their kids so they don’t feel uncomfortable sharing anything with them.

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