‘I get body-shamed for being too skinny,’ Merub Ali opens up about mental health issues

Merub Ali in a recent interview opened up about being body-shamed. The actress also talked about her mental health issues and eating disorders.

Merub has been surprising people with her talent since she made an appearance in her debut dramas Sinf-e-Aahan and Paristan. People got to know about her through Instagram and then she turned heads by casting in a music video. Her engagement to singer Asim Azhar was also big for the couple’s fans.

Recently, the Sinf-e-Aahan actress was seen in a podcast with Mooroo. Ali talked about her acting experience, friendships and so much more in the podcast. She also revealed that she gets shamed for being ‘too skinny.’ Talking about it, the actress said, ‘2020 wasn’t great for me mentally. I had a disturbed sleep pattern and eating disorders too. A lot of people body-shame me now.’

The host also questioned her about her mental health issue. ‘I had people do certain bad things to me and at that point, I used to take an impact of it. I still do but now I am much calmer and composed,’ she replied.

‘I used to feel really alone and couldn’t sleep the whole night. I was too sad and stopped eating,’ she added. The actress revealed that she wouldn’t eat for a whole day and then the other day still she would consume a very small quantity of food. ‘A few days back, I started experiencing the same thing again and I stopped eating. However, I brought myself on track because I am already so skinny now, I can not do it to myself,’ Ali said further.

‘2020 and the end of 2021 was very bad time for me. To the point that I used to send my friends pictures of me eating because they wouldn’t believe I was taking care of myself,’ she said.

She was also questioned if she left people because of it and Merub revealed that she did leave those whose intentions towards their friendship weren’t good. ‘Those who use and abuse you should be left,’ she concluded.

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