‘Husbands should respect their wives,’ Mathira opens up about her toxic marriage

'Husbands should respect their wives,' Mathira opens up about her toxic marriage

Mathira recently opened up about her abusive marriage. She revealed the trauma she went through in her married life.

Mathira was recently invited to Aaj Kay Mehmaan on ARY Digital. She and her sister talked about multiple things in the show. Among the topics that they discussed was Mathira’s traumatizing marriage. The host hasn’t talked about her married life as openly before.

Mathira’s sister was questioned about her nature. The host wanted to know how the host went through the lows in her life. Her sister revealed that she is strong and hot-headed. However, she is also a very brave person. She further said that she has faced things that might’ve pushed any other person towards suicide.

The host further questioned Mathira about her views on ‘domestic violence.’ Mathira said that if the husband resorts to violence once, he would never stop. She gave an example of her own self and her own marriage. The model said that she is from a broken family. So when she got married she thought she would do more work than a normal housewife. ‘I did 10 times more work than a normal housewife would do. I washed clothes, cooked food, and did so much,’ she further said.

She wanted to do it because she is bold and wanted to make things work in the relationship. ‘I shouldn’t have done all the work because I wasn’t a maid,’ she said.

‘Mothers should understand that they won’t lose a son after his marriage. They are usually insecure about losing their sons which causes difficulties for both the husband and wife,’ she added.

‘A successful relationship is about teamwork. One person can never make things work,’ she proceeded. Mathira concluded by saying that if someone wants to do their husband’s chores, it is up to them. However, it is very difficult for a working woman who has to manage things side by side. Moreover, care and respect are the essential aspects of a relationship.

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