How to deal with hormonal weight gain? EXPERTS answer all the queries!

How to deal with hormonal weight gain? EXPERTS answer all the queries!

Nadia Khan is among the handful of morning show hosts, who understand the need of the hour and raise awareness about important issues. She recently invited experts in her show to raise awareness about PCOs and how to deal with hormonal weight gain.

Hormonal imbalances bring with them multiple problems and one of the biggest among them is weight gain. Multiple women around the world struggle with this issue. The hormonal imbalance might be the reason why dieting and exercising are not helping you lose weight. Researches have it that some hormonal imbalances can literally make it impossible for you to lose weight. So the real question is, what can one do if they are going through this?

In the latest episode of Morning at Home, Nadia talked about the causes and effects of hormonal imbalances. She invited doctors on the show who shed light on PCOs and also provided some solutions. Nutritionist Dr. Bilquis also shared home remedies that can aid in losing hormonal weight. She also dived into the symptoms of PCOs and how altering the diet and lifestyle is a key step to treating it.

Watch the full episode here:

Earlier this month, Khan also raised awareness on cybercrime. She invited the head of FIA cybercrime zone Sindh Imran Riaz for the purpose.

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