PICTURES: Amjad Sabri’s Daughter Hoorain Sabri is the newest internet sensation!

Amjad Sabri needs no introduction. He was everyone’s favorite Qawali singer, whose sudden death back in 2016 in the Holy month of ‘Ramzan’ was a shock for everyone. Sabri was on his way to a ‘Ramzan transmission’ when the sad incident took place.

Sabri used to share the pictures of his children when they were kids and all of his fans have quite seen his family. Recently, Hoorain, his daughter, has become a TikTok star and gained a lot of attention because of her talent. Her fan-following is growing and people simply love her videos. It can be seen that after her late father, who was admired by many for his humbleness and talent, the girl seems to be getting all the love by people.

Hoorain grew up to be a stunning lady. Moreover, she seems to be very good at what she is doing. Her TikTok videos are evidence that she has a lot of potential in her. The lady’s Instagram following is also boosting up and well, we cannot help but agree to the fact that she surely deserves it.

Here are some of Hoorain Sabri’s clicks

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