Mani recalls the time Hira slapped her friend!

Hira Mani is very fond of her husband and everyone is very well aware of that. She often expresses her love for Mani.

The couple recently appeared in Time Out with Ahsan Khan on Express Entertainment. In a segment, Mani revealed Hira’s biggest secret. He told that 9 years ago, the actress slapped her friend. He gave further details, revealing that the Dou Bol actress was going somewhere with her friend in their car and her friend called Mani a ‘comedian.’ Hira got possessive and slapped her friend. She also told her to get out of the car. The driver called Mani and told him about the situation but he told him to drop Hira’s friend at her house.

Here’s the complete video:

Hira and Mani also talked about numerous personal things in the show.

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