Hira Mani faces backlash after saying that she would’ve married Mani even if he was married to someone else

Hira Mani is often made a target of criticism for her problematic statements. She received a massive backlash after she revealed that Mani was her friend’s ‘boyfriend.’

The actress has once again landed herself in hot waters after her interview with a reputed media outlet. In the interview, Hira said that she is often criticized for stealing Mani’s number from her friend’s mobile phone. ‘But I have no regrets about telling this and people should keep criticizing me.’

Hira then said, ‘Mani is so real that even if he was already married, I would have married him.’ People are absolutely enraged over the actress’s statement. Numerous people have called Hira out for it. A user also mentioned how in the drama Mohabbatain Chahatain, Armeena Khan, and Hira had been sharing screens. The play had a similar story of one woman trying to steal another woman’s husband. However, the negative role was played by Armeena Khan in the drama.

Actress Armeena Rana replied to the comment ‘clarifying’ that she would ‘never dream of stealing another person’s husband in real life.

Here’s what the public has to say about Hira’s statement:

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