Hira Mani claps back at trolls, gets trolled again

Hira Mani is, no doubt,  one of the most beautiful, talented, and successful actresses in the Drama Industry.

She received immense attention and popularity after the success of her most blockbuster serials, Do Bol, where she played the lead role and made rounds on the internet.

Since then, the beautiful actress could be seen in a number of drama serials from Galati, Kashf, Yun to Piya, and Me Hari Piya, which currently airs on TV.

 But that is still not what sets her apart, either in reel or real life. From drama scenes to Instagram account, Hira Mani has always been popular for her humorous nature, which often gives rise to hot topics among netizens.

Around 2 months ago, the actress received immense critique for her choice of outfit color while enjoying the rain after her drama shoot. The pictures sparked a debate among netizens questioning why she wore the white color to enjoy the rain. However, the actress didn’t give any thought to that and left them to boil more.

But the recent posts by Hira Mani not only invoked these critiques again but also made the actress herself comment on the current situation.

A few days ago, Hira Mani posted a story where she wrote Mera Pyara Sa Bacha Bahar Agya Allah Apka Laakh Laakh Shuker


Since this was quite a confusing post, her followers had a hard time guessing the meaning of the post. However, after much discussion, they figured out that the Do Bol actress is addressing the Bail of Aryan Khan- Son of Shahrukh Khan who was arrested in a drugs case, also known as the Cruise Ship Case 3.

Many close friends of Shahrukh Khan from India, from Juhi Chawla to Farah Khan, supported the SRK regarding the case; raising a hand for moral support across the border was quite unexpected.

It was none other than Hira Mani, who was again bashed for being unnecessarily concerned for a Bollywood start or rather a drug addict.

While netizens were busy discussing this, Hira Mani posted another story where she wrote clapped back at the haters.

She also made a thumb down emoji indicating that haters have lost as Shah Rukh Khan fans are celebrating his son’s bail on both sides of the border.

As a response, netizens again targeted the actresses and replied with terrible comments on her story. Some of the most snarky and downright comments are mentioned below.

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below.

  • Silent killer says:

    Pakistani drama actresses ka ye haal he k agar inse kapray b koi utarwaye na fame k naam pe to ye foran tyar ho jaen gi hira b unhi me se ek he fame k lie kisi b had tak jao chahy kisi bollywood celeb ki tatti hi kiun na saaf kerni paray

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