Hira Mani appreciates son for staying honest during an online exam, despite encouraging him to cheat

Celebrities and stars often use their social media platform to express gratitude or laud the loved ones in their lives. Amidst all these praising posts, Hira Mani posted a unique comment about her son.

The Do Bol actress appreciated her son for not ‘cheating on his online exam’, even when she encouraged him to do so. She took to Instagram to post about her son Ibrahim, saying that she told him to resort to ‘unfair means’ on his exam, as it was online and no one would have guessed, but he did not.

She added that she was a little furious at him, but he deserves an appreciation post for being honest.

Ever since the pandemic, students have had to deal with an academic crisis. Online learning has been the main medium of education, but due to the shaky internet connections and load-shedding, online education has not been an easy thing to deal with.

Cheating may have helped him momentarily score good in this exam, but it would have also left a lasting impact on his personal growth. Ibrahim not cheating and staying honest is worth appreciating.

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below.

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