Here’s What this Pakistani Chef Cooked for the Royal Couple & it looks super yummy!

The Royal couple visiting Pakistan was news that had us all hooked. I mean everyone was mid-way obsessing over the two. What they wore to where they went even wondering what they ate! – We wanted all the inside scoop. Well, look no more because this is what the Royal Couple had to eat in their in-flight meals during ‘Tour De-Pakistan’.

Samina Gul

I had the honor of making the VIP in-flight meals for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge during their recent five-day tour of Pakistan.
– Samina Gul, Product Development Chef at KC Flight Catering

Samina Gul, A former Professional Cookery student at UCB- University College Birmingham, was lucky enough to be chosen as the chef responsible for making the extremely scrumptious, VIP in-flight meals for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge during their 5-day tour of Pakistan in the month of October. Currently Samina is working with Pakistan’s KC Flight Catering as a product development chef.

She made everything from afternoon tea & snacks to dinner for the Royal couple on two of their Air Force flights during their visit. The flights from the capital to Lahore and then back to the UK covered over 1,000 km’s where the Royal couple had the chance to fully engage in Pakistan’s rich cultural heritage and breath-taking landscapes.

Here’s a glimpse at what the Royals were eating while on their tour!

The flights, from Islamabad to Lahore and then back home to the UK, formed part of a visit spanning over 1,000km that gave the royals the chance to see Pakistan’s “rich culture, its diverse communities and beautiful landscapes.”

“It was a great honor for me to serve the royals and to know they enjoyed it,” said Samina, who seemed to have done a pretty good job at the task assigned to her. The catering manager of the 101 Squadron Royal Air Force, Sgt Steve Roberts sent in a letter of appreciation, acknowledging the in-flight chefs’ hard work & service!

“I remember one of my lecturers once mentioning a boy who was working as a butler to the Queen and everyone was so proud of him” recollected Samina, “I am so happy to also be able to share my news with those who taught me at UCB.” A super proud moment for her indeed!

Samina, who originally belongs from Rawalpindi, has been working for KC flight Catering -one of the largest in-flight private catering operators in Pakistan – for the past four years. The fact that she also was given the chance to cook for the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman during one of his visits to the country definitely speaks for the amount of faith everyone has in her cooking skills!

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