Hasan Ahmed apologizes to Aiman-Muneeb and Azaan Sami in a recent video

Hasan Ahmed apologizes to Aiman-Muneeb and Azaan Sami in a recent video

Celebrity couple Hasan Ahmed and Sunita Marshall were recently invited to The Couple Show. The couple was asked some questions regarding other celebrities and the segment has gone viral. The show is hosted by Aagha Ali and Hina Altaf.

Hasan had claimed in the segment that he thinks Aiman Khan and Muneeb Butt have bought their followers. Talking about the topic, he said that their followers seem ‘inorganic.’ After this statement, he proceeded to talk about Azaan Sami Khan. Ahmed stated that he believes Azaan should leave acting and stick to being a music composer.

After the clip made rounds on the internet, fans of the mentioned celebrities called the actor out for his words. After receiving backlash, Hasan posted an apology video. In the video, the actor said that he has no way to defend himself. ‘Nor do I want to defend myself. I shouldn’t have said that and I take all of it back,’ he added.

Specifically talking about the couple, he said that he wishes both of them the best in their lives. He also mentioned that he said the wrong things about Azaan Sami. ‘I take all of it back too. Everyone has their own set of opportunities,’ he stated.

Concluding the video, Hasan said that such things only depict jealousy and negativity. ‘We should rise above it, especially me,’ he said.

Watch the video here:

In the comments section, Aiman Khan appreciated the apology. She wrote that the actor didn’t have to make an apology video. ‘You are a very good man and I know that,’ she wrote.

The comments section under the video was flooded with appreciative remarks by the public. They wrote how big it was for the actor to go on and apologize publicly.

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