‘Hareem hasn’t ever done anything that would bring me insult,’ says her husband [VIDEO]

'Hareem hasn't ever done anything that would bring me insult,' says her husband [VIDEO]

Hareem Shah’s husband recently addressed her controversies. He opened up about how he supported Shah through everything.

Hareem Shah and her husband Bilal Shah were recently spotted in an interview. Hareem, who is known for her bold personality, was questioned about her scandals. The host asked the TikTok star if her scandals will stop now that she is married.

Hareem said that her scandals won’t stop. The host further asked her husband if he has put any restrictions on her. Bilal told the public that he hasn’t stopped the TikTok star from anything. ‘She is sensible enough. She knows what to do and what not to,’ he replied.

Adding further into his statement, Shah said that his wife hasn’t done something that would bring a bad name to him. ‘Ever since we got married, she has never done anything to insult me,’ he added.

‘I’ve given her the permission for everything because I know she wouldn’t ever do anything wrong,’ he concluded.

Hareem Shah

The TikToker gained public attention after her viral videos on TikTok. In a short span, she gained a massive TikTok following and people became familiar with her name. However, she was mostly known for her controversies.

Hareem and Bilal Shah got married earlier this year. Although Shah did reveal her marriage, she kept her husband’s identity hidden until recently. She then shared her husband’s identity with the public on social media. Ever since then, Hareem was seen in multiple interviews every now and then.

Back in February, The TikToker also made her acting debut by appearing in web series named ‘Raaz,’ airing on Urduflix. The trailer for Raaz revealed that the series was based on Hareem Shah’s own real life. Hareem Shah played her own character in the series.

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