‘Happiest birthday of my life,’ Saba Qamar celebrates birthday at Edhi Centre

'Happiest birthday of my life,' Saba Qamar celebrates birthday at Edhi Centre

Celebrity birthdays are usually star-studded and extravagant. However, actress Saba Qamar thinks there is a much more meaningful way to celebrate your special day.

The Baaghi actress celebrated her birthday this year at a welfare center. She had a birthday party held at Edhi Centre.

The actress shared pictures from her special day which was on April 5 recently. She took to her Instagram where she posted a clip along with a lengthy caption. Saba in the detailed note mentioned how people make memories to reflect back on. So she decided to ‘make the most out of her birthday.’ too.

‘Every year we spend so much time/money celebrating our beautiful days with our loved ones which is so adorable,’ the actress wrote. ‘This time it hit me hard in the head when I thought of those people who do not have a family to celebrate with,’ she added.

Watch the clip here.

'Happiest birthday of my life,' Saba Qamar celebrates birthday at Edhi Centre

The Mr. and Mrs. Shameem actress revealed that on her special day this year, she visited Edhi Centre. She wanted to celebrate her birthday with the beautiful angels to bring a ‘smile on their faces.’

Qamar mentioned in the note that she tried her best to make them happy and she hopes to see them again. ‘They took a promise from me,’ she added.

Ending her note, the model gave a message to everyone reading. She wanted people to take time out of their busy routines and spend just a bit of it with these people. ‘They are the ones who deserve this the most,’ she wrote further.

‘This has to be my happiest birthday Alhamdulilah,’ the actress concluded.

Saba Qamar’s gesture and video are a reminder for those reading. We should all serve humanity and be considerate towards the people around us.

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