‘Not speaking against injustices has become a lifestyle in Pakistan’ Hajra Yamin urges people of Karachi to speak up

Actress Hajra Yamin thinks its about time that the public stops staying quiet in the face of ‘injustice’ and speaks up for their basic rights.

Yamin shared a video in which she is schooling those who choose to stay silent whenever something wrong is happening. She calls those out who do not speak up against the unfair. The actress in the clip explains the reasons why Karachi is going towards a downfall.

Yamin questions the public what they do whenever ‘unwanted guests’ come to their house and refuse to leave or when they are criticized for their weight. She asks what people do when their family chooses a career and a life partner for them WITHOUT asking about their choice. The actress herself answers all these questions saying that they all choose to stay silent instead of reacting because not saying anything against the wrong has become the new ‘normal.’ She further added that one thing leads to another and when in the future, serious issues occur, one again chooses to do nothing.

The actress specifically addresses the commonly recurring issues in the country, from robbery, bribery, inflation, and more, all of which are serious problems but instead of addressing them, we choose to live with them.

Adding further into the topic, Yamin talks about the housing societies full of the upper class where if electricity was stolen, people got generators. If water access was restricted, people got water tankers for their needs but ended up paying a hefty bill for it.

Hajra Yamin wants people of Karachi to speak up now. She believes this is the time to put an END to all the atrocities and to stand firm against them.

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below.

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