WATCH | Hajira Yamin opens up about getting character assassinated for living alone in Pakistan

Hajira Yamin earned her name in the media industry in a concise duration of time. She is immensely talented and known to star in strong roles. However, it seems like Hajira doesn’t only opt for strong characters, but she is one head-strong individual in real life too.

In a recent interview, the actress shared how her parents didn’t support her decision to live alone in Karachi. She believes that her parents’ concern was genuine since they wanted her to live alone anywhere abroad but not in Pakistan.

Hajira, despite all the safety concerns, decided to live alone for work, for which she received immense backlash. People character assassinated her and bullied her by secretly taking her pictures when she would go out. The actress talked about how all of this got so frustrating that she quit going out altogether.
She added that society could not digest the idea that a woman can live alone in Pakistan. Hajira’s ‘character‘ was brought under question just because she took the bold decision to live independently.

The host also talked about an incident of a fan ‘inappropriately touching’ Hajira without her consent when she allowed him to take a picture. The actress called out the fan in public, and the people, instead of appreciating her for that, called her ‘rude.’ People labelled her arrogant for reminding people of their boundaries.

Here’s Hajira’s complete interview:

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