9-year-old Hadiya Hashmi and Hadiqa Kiani’s collaboration is making everyone excited!

The fans are really eager for the 9-year-old Hadiya Hashmi’s collaboration with veteran singer, Hadiqa Kiani for a song named ‘Ilahi’. People have high hopes and are looking forward to a ‘power-pack’ performance.

The song is composed and produced by Azaan Sami Khan. Hadiqa poured her heart out, telling the public what working with the little girl was like. She said that Hadiya took her back into the memory lane of childhood when she herself was 9. She said that she used to perform in these competitions at PTV too.

The young Hadiya is full of talent, and her vocals at such an early age have made her win many hearts. Sonu Nigam couldn’t stop praising the girl’s work and singing skills in Nescafe Basement’s ‘Bol Hu.’ He said that the song had the potential to make one ‘cry a river.’

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