Hadiqa Kiani’s ‘beauty salon’ in Faislabad sued for Rs.20 million

A woman from Faisalabad named Zahida has sued the singer Hadiqa Kiani with a charge of Rs.20 million. She suffered hair damage and loss after getting a treatment done at the songwriter’s ‘salon.’

The lady has also claimed compensation worth Rs.2.5 million. Zahida went to Hadiqa’s beauty salon in Faisalabad to get a hair straightening treatment. She mentioned that damaging cream and harmful products were used in the process, due to which she experienced hair loss.

Hadiqa Kiani, the salon’s franchise owner, Deputy Commissioner Faisalabad, and District Health Officer have been summoned on December 16, by the local court.

If the claims against the salon turn out to be true, then it’s highly disappointing to see how these big celebrities mishandle their work and, despite charging so much for these treatments, use harmful products.

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