Hadiqa Kiani calls out Indian singers for stealing her song ‘Boohey Barian’

Hadiqa Kiani calls out Indian singers for stealing her song 'Boohey Barian'

Singer Hadiqa Kiani called out Kanika Kapoor and Saregama Music for stealing her hit ‘Boohey Barian.’ The songwriter mentioned how nobody took permission from her or gave her credits for the song. This time, the singer has ‘sworn’ to take an action against parties claiming ‘illegal’ rights over her songs.

India is known for its industry however, they frequently copy songs from Pakistani artists. For years now, the singers have ripped off original works of singers like Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Atif Aslam as well.

Recently, Kiani took to Instagram where she lashed out at singer Kanika Kapoor. She wrote, ‘Another day, another shameless rendition of the song my mother wrote.’

The singer also mentioned how nobody gave her credits or royalties for the song that was originally written by her mother and recorded by her. She believes it is an easy way to make money for them. ‘So far, it’s been stolen to be used in multiple Bollywood films starring the likes of Sharukh Khan and Prietiy Zinta,’ she said further.

Kiani also mentioned that some of these video covers have about 200 million views on YouTube. Speaking about her own experience, the singer wrote how whenever she covers someone’s song, she gives credits or pays royalties. ‘That’s the ethical way to do things,’ she mentioned.

She then mentioned that she doesn’t have any problem with the mentioned singer. However, all she wants is to be given credits for her work. ‘I want to be flattered by these covers because in theory, they’re paying tribute but there is a right and wrong way to do something. Profiting off to someone else’s hit without any thought is not right,’ the singer added.

‘Anyways. The theft of Pakistani music continues,’ she concluded.

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