Gudai, first-ever Pashto Web Series, set to release in Pakistan

The first-ever Pashto web series is about to launch in Pakistan. ‘Gudai’ by RINSTRA focuses on the issue of ‘child marriages.’ RINSTRA is collaborating with ‘Classic Broadcasting’ for the series.

The script is written and directed by Bakht Rawan Bakht and features fresh faces like Bibi Shereena, Roma, Manadar Sadiq, Adnan Bakht and more.

These web series are a big achievement for the Pashtu showbiz industry, which hasn’t flourished much. The stigma and doubts associated with Pathan culture, which is shown in usual serials, is one of the huge reasons why the industry doesn’t produce quality content; however. However, these web series surely do seem very promising!

Adnan Shaukat, the Chief Executive Officer for Classic Broadcasting, shared his views on how ‘content diversity’ is a big problem for the Pakistani media industry. He mentioned that mainstream media has sidelined the regional medium due to a ‘lack of vision’ in the industry.

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below.

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