Gold digger women – a recurring topic in Pakistani dramas

The Pakistani media industry was known to produce some of the finest dramas ever. However, it seems like with time; the quality has dropped.

The industry that produced drama serials like Udaari, Damsa, Meri Guriya, Darr Si Jaati Hai Silah, and many more, which shed light on serious issues, is now streaming serials Jalan, Mohabbat Tujhe Alvida, and others that only add to society’s negativity. One recurring topic that seems to be the favorite of directors and producers is showing ‘gold-digger women’ who can stoop to any extent just for money.

Dramas show women literally getting their loyal husbands re-married for the sake of money. Breaking marriages and marrying rich men is shown to be the favorite hobby of women.

In a country where Pakistani women are already categorized as ‘gold-diggers‘ that only want to marry rich men, such dramas only add to the problem. Pakistani women continue to suffer because of this negative portrayal. Many persistent problems like under-age marriages, sexual harassment, and honor killing exist but are neglected. Highlighting such toxic topics is nothing but problematic.

Pakistani drama industry should consider taking some responsibility now and show society’s face, which really needs to be highlighted. Instead of focusing on unnecessary topics like love triangles, sisters fighting over the same man, and much more, the issues actually persisting in society should be brought to light.

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below.

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