Gohar Rasheed wants women to hit back if any man ‘muscles’ on them

Gohar Rasheed wants women to hit back if any man 'muscles' on them

Laapata actor, Gohar Rasheed took to social media to address the men who think there’s nothing wrong with physically abusing women. Rasheed wants every woman to slap back if a man muscles on them.

A scene from the drama serial Laapata has been making rounds on the internet. In the clip, Falak, played by Sarah Khan, could be seen getting slapped by her husband (played by Gohar). Falak instantly slaps her husband back. The public applauded the scene because the sight isn’t very common in Pakistani dramas.

Gohar Rasheed himself took to Instagram to share what he thinks of the specific scene. In a lengthy note, he called out the men who think abusing women is okay. He wrote, ‘I hate the display of physical abuse on television.’ He mentioned how it is done so frequently on television that it has become a ‘subconscious reality’ for all of us.

‘Apparently, physically abusing women is ”fine” and any misogynistic, spineless man can get away with it, just like Daniyal thought in yesterday’s scene of Laapata,’ he wrote. Gohar also revealed that it was actually because of this specific scene that he took the role of Daniyal in the first place. He wanted to prove that ‘oppression is a choice.’

Gohar Rasheed wants women to hit back if any man 'muscles' on them

‘Make the choice that Falak did, without any fear! One tight slapback from a brave woman to such a weak man in our society would be a giant for women kind,’ he added. Gohar hopes that this powerful scene would have an impact on women.

The drama serial Laapata is written and directed by Khizer Idrees. It features Ayeza Khan, Ali Rehman, Sarah Khan, and Gohar Rasheed in the lead roles.

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