Ghana Ali wants people to ‘unfollow’ her if they have an issue with her husband

Ghana Ali got married back in May and people have been judging her husband ever since. While Ghana is living a happy life after marriage, it seems like people have a lot of rude things to say to her husband. From commenting about his weight to his choice of dressing, people have been giving all sorts of mean remarks to him.

The Saraab actress recently did a Q&A session on Instagram where the majority of people questioned her about her husband. Many were curious to know what the actress’s husband does and about his nature too. However, people even questioned the Sun Yaara actress weird things like if she has ever told her husband to ‘lose weight.’

Ghana answered every question rather sensibly but it seems like she has had enough of the haters. She uploaded a picture with her husband on social media and addressed all the haters in the caption. She wrote in the caption, ‘My husband likes to wear black and in his closet, you’ll mostly find black!’ She then went on telling those who have a problem with it to unfollow because she won’t listen to anybody’s crap.

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below.

  • wizda says:

    you two look great and dont give a damn what ppl think about

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