Ghana Ali called out for marrying an ‘already married’ millionaire

Pictures from Ghana Ali’s intimate wedding ceremony have taken over the internet ever since they went public. Ali’s husband was given mean comments over his weight with people body-shaming him in the comments section on the pictures. However, just shortly after the announcement of the nikkah was made, the news of Ghana’s husband’s being already married went viral and people couldn’t take it.

Pictures of Umair with his first wife and son were made public with details revealing that the guy’s first wife and son didn’t have any idea about Umair and Ghana.

The actress is facing a lot of backlash and criticism for marrying a ‘millionaire’ who is not only married already but also has a son. People are calling Ghana a ‘home-wrecker.’

On the other hand, some individuals think there is nothing wrong with Ghana and Umair’s marriage as a man is allowed to have 4 marriages religiously. Moreover, many believe that the guy should also be criticised since he was equally involved despite being married for 5 years already.

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below.

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