‘Get rid of your TVs,’ Ushna Shah hits back at people criticizing celebrities

'Get rid of your TVs,' Ushna Shah hits back at people criticising celebrities

Actress Ushna Shah has given a message to all those who believe celebrities spread vulgarity. She wants such individuals to stop using social media and watching TV.

The Parizad actress, Ushna recently took to Twitter where she called out all those who think actors/actresses spread vulgarity. Shah in the post addressed all those who think acting and actors are ‘inferior.’

‘Get rid of your TV (or any channel that shows content that isn’t preaching Islam)’ Ushna wrote targeting all those such people. She concluded the post by asking such people to show their ‘gherat.’

Ushna Shah

Earlier, the actress advised parents to raise their children by themselves. She asked them not to rely on ‘celebrities’ for doing it so. She also clarified that the private lives of celebrities are no one’s matter.

Back in October, the Alif Allah Aur Insaan actress was also in hot waters for her Halloween look. Ushna Shah had used an out-of-the-box approach to post hot Halloween pictures in which she can be seen wearing an ethereal and heavily decorated light gold color sleeveless gown with a golden-haired wig and a furry stroller.

While the picture caught many eyes, it also became a critical model for netizens as the actress could be seen in a bold and revealing dress. The keyboard warriors not only criticized the picture but also questioned the actress’s character for posting an alluring picture that might have offended them somehow.

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