‘Fiza-Shiza’ actress talks about the existence of casting couch culture

'Fiza-Shiza' actress talks about the existence of casting couch culture

Actress Kiran Tabeir in a recent interview opened up about the ‘casting couch’ in Pakistan. The actress shared her own personal experience.

Kiran has been making headlines after the famous ‘Fiza-Shiza’ scene went viral on social media. She recently appeared in an interview with a reputed media outlet too. While talking about multiple topics in the interview, she was questioned about casting couch.

The actress revealed that it is an ‘undisputed reality’ of the industry. She said that casting couch is a big reason why people lose multiple opportunities. ‘Today if someone says that casting couch doesn’t exist in the industry then I don’t accept it,’ the actress said.

‘I started off with very small roles and my journey started with playing extras and minor supporting roles. I then reached the lead characters,’ she said further. According to Tabeir, many people think she has’t reached the position she should’ve been at despite being a ‘good actress.’

‘Casting couch is a big factor to be blamed for,’ she said talking more about it. The actress said that she was offered many big roles. However, the directors and producers would invite her to meet before the project. ‘When I would say no, I would be told that the project has been delayed. Later, I saw those dramas with a different cast on TV,’ the actress went further.

Clarifying her statement, Kiran said that it doesn’t undermine the efforts of big actors. But casting couch is a reality that can not be denied too. ‘Not everyone is a part of this and this isn’t the only way to success,’ she concluded.

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